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Children's Christian Symbol Ornaments

Various Sizes

Kit includes a booklet (Diagrams, Symbolism & History) and 24 patterns (NO SUPPLIES INLUDED)..

Patterns Included:
Angel with Rose, Butterfly, Cross of Eternity, Fish, Glory Angel, Gold Star, Grapes, Loop Cross, Shepherd's Crook Cross, Triangle Angel, Trinity, Wounded Crown, Alpha & Omega in Circles, Angel with Star, Celtic Cross, Chi Rho, Fish with Latin Cross, Heavenly Host Angel, I Am the Light, Iota Chi in Circle, Jacob's Angel, Lily of the Field, Triple Cross, and White Nail Head Cross.

Return Policy and Copyright Notice

Please remember: Kits may not be returned, all are hand-packed and are considered special orders. All Christian Symbol Kits are copyrighted and not for resale.